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Ketty throws a farewell party for her dead parents who were lost at sea and invites the whole town. The only person to arrive is a tall good-looking stranger with a secret.


Margaret leaves her phone number in lipstick on a serviette for Blaise, a computer software salesman. When he phones her his life jump starts out of complacency into spying and trips to China.


Nude On A Fence
A collection of short stories.
"Each story was so different and enthralling I couldn't wait to read the next one. Eliza kept me hooked until the end."
Janet Loxton, literary consultant, England


How To Murder A Naked Woman
An Introduction to Writing
Autobiographical anecdotes with useful information on how to get into the writing and publishing business.


How The Lion Swallowed The Moon
"A delightful little book of bedtime stories. You won't be able to put it down once you start reading."
Margaret Hinchliffe, literary consultant, England.


The Butcher's Dog
The Russian Revolution is in full swing when ten year old Mikhail loses his family and has to take to the road to get away from the guns. He feels that the death-marchers he walks with are doomed so breaks away from their line to look for shelter.

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